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Ostrobothnia is a region with circa 176,000 inhabitants on the west coast of Finland. The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia is one of the eighteen regional councils in Finland. We are a statutory joint municipal authority formed by the fourteen municipalities in the region of Ostrobothnia.

“We have been using ELLI for over 15 years. At first, ELLI was installed on our own server but in 2022 we decided to take ELLI cloud service in use. After this decision the usage of working monitoring system has been very easy. The management software works even faster, and we can use the software in any location. During the COVID pandemic we took the mobile app in use for our teleworking employees, so that they can stamp their working times also at home and on business trips. The most of our employees use the mobile app for stamping, but stamping is also easy with a computer and a stamping terminal. The co-operation with Tieto-Oskari Oy has been effortless. We have got very good and fast service from ELLI help desk when needed. The system updates and features release frequence is suitable. For example, we have found the new feature very useful where the system sends an email to the supervisor concerning the correction request. ELLI working time monitoring system is suitable for our use. Everything operates well and we are satisfied with the service.”

Mats Brandt,
Regional Mayor
The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia

We offer solutions from wood to the logistical needs of our customers. We make products suitable for transport and storage according to your order. We manufacture components for industry, agriculture and construction industry.

“Before ELLI working time monitoring system, we used the manual timecards. It was difficult to find all cards and interpret them. In addition, managing lunch hours was hard because the employees arrived and left irregularly. With ELLI the working times monitoring of employees is simple. The process is constant and equal to everyone. The system helps the payroll tasks and printing the working hour lists is easy. We have been used ELLI since 2021. The system has operated well without any problems. We have been really satisfied with ELLI and we can recommend it for other companies.”

Marjo Alén,
Rakennepalvelu Jurva Rinne Oy

Joutsenon Elementti Oy produces the precast concrete beams, columns and panels for needs of professional constructors with over 65 years of experience. A first-class work, strong values and domestic production are shown in our operation. The basis of our operation is our professional and committed staff, who play a significant role in our company. Our skilled workers prepare daily cost-effective solutions for demanding objects.

“Since 2003 we have used ELLI working time monitoring system. Before ELLI we only used manual timecards. After the introduction of ELLI our working time information has been accurate and real-time. The working time monitoring is equitable for everyone, including our different locations. It is easy to monitor and review the working times with ELLI. ELLI also helps our payroll process. Transferring the working time information to the payroll system is easy and reduces work. ELLI help desk operates well and fast. The friendly experts provide assistance patiently and expertly, even if the problem is due to our own mistake. We have used ELLI cloud service a few years now and we are satisfied with the service. Our collaboration with ELLI has continued for a long time and it works perfectly.”

Pirkko Toivonen,
Financial management
Joutsenon Elementti Oy

SVL Group is a unique group of companies specialised in cutting sheets, plate blanks and tubes and further processing of blanks. SVL Group’s four sites are located in Keuruu, Haapamäki and Joutsa (Suomen Vesileikkaus), Tampere (Avemet), and Riihimäki (Prolaser). You can contact any of our units and receive the same high-quality service and our entire stock of machinery will be ready to work for you.

“We have used ELLI working monitoring system since January 2017. Before ELLI we used old-fashioned timecard system and Excel spreadsheets for working hours monitoring.
Suomen Vesileikkaus Oy was the first to implement the ELLI system. Later the system has been expanded to other locations as well. Now, we have all employees from all locations in the same system as their own companies. The electronic working time tracking system is convenient, and it has made our work easier. For hourly wage employees, ELLI´s time events are the basis for payroll and after the events are approved, they are transferred to the payroll system. The monthly wage employees can easily follow their working and flexi hours and vacation periods. Our collaboration with Tieto-Oskari Oy has been smooth. ELLI help desk has been helped us when needed. Over the years our development ideas have been listened to and implemented well.”

Auli Salonen-Nevala,
HR manager
SVL Group

”Suomen Biathlon Oy and Tieto-Oskari Oy have a shared history of more than twenty years. During this time, we have successfully collaborated on numerous development projects. Product reliability is crucial to us. We operate in sports industry where the operation is hectic. TV cameras often broadcast events live to viewers around the world. Therefore, there is no room for errors. Testing is an important part of product manufacturing. Our products are tested in an environmental test chamber located at Tieto-Oskari Oy under conditions corresponding the real environment where freezing temperatures quickly change to scorching heat, and vice versa. The products have been designed and manufactured to be so reliable we can always go to the competition with confidence.”

Marko Kurvinen
Managing director
Suomen Biathlon Oy

”At Cleanosol Oy, we continuously develop road marking and milling machines to improve their efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. All our machines use a lot of information technology to control their operation and measure the process. Together with a valuable partner Tieto-Oskari Oy we can develop better and more efficient machines. Tieto-Oskari Oy´s designers listen to our needs and then give us solution options. The devices are intelligent and very modern.
From experience, I can say that Tieto-Oskari Oy´s electronics devices are durable. They are highly resistant to large temperature variations and intense vibration that our machines constantly endure. And when we have needed maintenance or new equipment installation, the service has worked as expected.”

Mika Launonen,
Managing director
Cleanosol Oy

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