Ski sliding tester


The device was developed together with athletes and service teams to facilitate the selection of racing skis.

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How to find the optimal slide for your skis?

The unique SKI SPEED device developed by Tieto-Oskari Oy has been made to measure and compare the superiority of different pairs of skis in sliding.

During the testing the speeds of different pairs of skis are measured with accuracy of 1/1000 seconds and the device compares the results automatically. At the end of the test, the athlete reads the results in the device´s display and can choose the best pair for the competition. Via a USB connection the data can be transferred from the device for future analysis.

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The choice of a professional

The device has been developed in cooperation with Finnish Ski Association. SKI SPEED is very popular amongst the top athletes, when determining the superiority of skis before competitions. Most of the international ski teams use the SKI SPEED device.

The device is a simple and reliable tool, which clearly points the superiority of the skis.

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