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RUBEN 005 P&J plastometer

Ruben 005 device is an automated measuring device especially designed for paper machine rubber-rollers performing P&J standard measurements with a single button press.

User feedback on the device is excellent, and for that reason many of paper machine rollers manufacturers and paper machine maintenance departments consider the Ruben device as the only correct device for measuring. The measuring device eliminates errors previously caused by environmental and human factors.

Also, in this product Tieto-Oskari Oy utilizes its own patented technology.

The customers are mainly located outside of Finland, meaning that the products have already been delivered to almost every continent, from Australia to North America.

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RUBEN Explorer

The measuring results can be transferred from RUBEN 005 device to a computer. It is possible to generate reports from the data. The reports can be printed out or saved to a computer as a proof of the conducted measurements.

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