A compact road marking machine control system

Easy to install on every machine

RMD-8 control unit is designed for one- and two-coloured machines. With the versatile software, the control unit can be used to control almost all current road painting machines.

Installation takes only few hours. RMD 8 is connected to the machine using single connector, and if necessary, the control unit can easily be moved from one unit to another.

RMD-8 control device features:

  • Can operate and control both thermoplastic and cold paint machines
  • Road marking lengths and square meters reporting
  • 10 presets for period and line length
  • Support for three marking colour and pearl nozzles
  • Line width selection
  • Stepless mass pump power control
  • Warning foam function: adjustable foam development and dropdown
  • Test mode for marking colour and pearl nozzles
rmd-8 maalikoneen ohjauslaite tieto-oskari

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