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When you want the most reliable shooting result equipment for a traditional biathlon stadium and electronic data collection, then the choice is the Finnish KURVINEN system.

Tieto-Oskari Oy, together with Suomen Biathlon Oy, has developed electronic devices and programs to manage fast-paced biathlon competitions reliably in all circumstances.

The choice of system repeatedly for olympia stadiums indicates that it is by far the best available worldwide.

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Since 2002 Biathlon Target system KURVINEN has also managed manufacturing of shooting systems for athletes with visual impairment and reduced mobility. The system was excellently welcomed in year 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Paralympics and after that the system has become an established system for all Paralympics.

The system is fair for all, and the shooting results depend only on the athlete’s own skills.


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Services and supplies

To the countries where we deliver a new system, we also provide all other services needed by the customer: we introduce the system, we train, we assist during the competition, and we deliver spare parts and other supplies.

We help our customers with Finnish, English, Russian and Kazakh languages. We also visit at the site, if needed. In Kazakhstan, via TOO Tieto-Oskari office, it is possible to have a specialist present in nearby areas even on the same day.

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International operations

Tieto-Oskari Oy has delivered KURVINEN biathlon systems and supplies to Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In these countries, we are the exclusive representative of KURVINEN products.

In addition, we also offer specialist services such as service and system user and training services during the competition.

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