Fiber optics system

Interrogator is the heart of the system

Sensors with Interrogator provide accurate measuring results. An Interrogator is a self-calibrating device, so the measurement results are highly reliable especially when using compatible high quality and professionally installed sensors.

The main advantage of fiber optic technology is the harmlessness of the sensor technology when using sensors in ATEX area, for example in oil refining industry. When there are large numbers of measuring points their price can be affordable per measurement point.

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Stress and temperature

The most important variables which can be measured with fiber optic sensors are stress/strain and temperature.

Sensors installed professionally on the site provide accurate measurement results of their measuring points. Temperature measurement in conjunction with strain measurement is almost mandatory, because the results of the strain measurements will vary directly as a function of temperature.

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Many other sensor types

Fiber optic sensors can also be used to measure acceleration and displacement between objects.

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AKKE S-Measure systems manufactured by Tieto-Oskari Oy have been delivered to Finland, Europe and many other countries.

Examples can be found in our reference list.

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