Working time system

Working time system for your company needs

ELLI is a fast and easy-to-use system for working time tracking. The working hours can be managed in every working unit and checking the working hours is very easy. Our system is suitable for many industries, and it is scalable for company size and needs.

The accurate working time tracking is based on stampings. Because of that the employees can monitor their working hours.

The system analyses the duration of the different time events and uses its own inside collective agreement interpretation.

Fast and easy stamping

ELLI terminals are user-friendly and easy to use. It is also possible to stamp your working time by using a browser or mobile application.

Cost savings and smooth processes

The comprehensive reports ensure that the payroll and management departments get necessary information for their use. It is also easier to estimate costs and manage invoicing because the correct working hours amount is available.

The working time events can be transferred to several financial management systems which helps salary payments.


ELLI working time system

Working time

Tracking working time

Working time is tracked via terminal or via mobile stamping. Absence, vacation, and overtime can be tracked by using a desired code.


Accurate and targeted

The system shows normal hours and flexi hours. The system also analyses the working hours by salary type, project, cost centre or work stage.


Real time information

The working time reports are tools which help to enhance your company processes. The reports show the working hours and hours targeted to different projects.

Meal tracking

Reduces meal groceries automatically

Stamp meals and other personnel groceries. You can set for example taxable value, selling price and cost price to the system.


Real time data transfer

There are several integrations between ELLI and the most common financial management software.


Scalable and customizable

The system can be expanded depending on your company and industry. We will find a suitable software concept for your company.


Working time system with quality

ELLI working time system is available as a cloud service or the system can be installed in the company´s own server.

ELLI helpdesk

Service and support

Our helpdesk will help you if you have questions or problems related to the system. Our helpdesk also offers you detailed guides how to use your system.

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