Intelligent technology

from idea to product

We brainstorm, design and manufacture electronic devices and software that are used in places critical to business or profit. Our products are often used in difficult conditions, making quality of great importance.

We operate internationally, so many industries and companies around the world have found our products and benefit from our expertise. We have already exported our products directly to over 30 countries (on the map in green) and we are represented in Nur-Sultan (TOO Tieto-Oskari) in Kazakhstan.

Since 1991, we have grown great innovations from many small ideas.


Time and attendance

The relevant information to the employer easily, the easiest solution for the employee

The first software and equipment we made for time tracking was over 20 years ago. Product development continues to produce new ideas and improvements. However, the basic idea remains the same: easy usability and cost savings.

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Structure health monitoring

Anticipate and supervise, at every moment of the year

Our patented AKKE system monitors structures in real time. It alerts you when the specified limit value is exceeded. It’s the most effective risk management.

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Machine automation

Advanced technology for critical applications

Measuring and control systems for mobile machinery are a long-term strength of our company. Modern CAN bus technology with powerful peripherals and intelligent software delivers powerful systems.

For example, we have decades of experience with road marking systems.  In them, we utilise machine vision, where the developed algorithms facilitate and speed up the driver’s work.  The quality of work improves and costs are kept under control.

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On a large scale, even a smallest mistake is significant

Equipment must therefore be designed and manufactured with professionalism. We have experience and excellence in difficult industrial conditions and with our equipment processes become more efficient.

Ruben 005 is considered by its users to be the only correct rubber sized device. Our own patented technology device is used in numerous countries.


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When one hundredth of a second decides the championship

Our measuring device helps competitive athletes do better. The SKI SPEED equipment measures the slip accurately and reliably. The best pair of skis is easy to choose from with ski speed equipment.

KURVINEN is a brand known to everyone who works in biathlon. In Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, we are the official supplier of these systems.


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You don’t have to do everything yourself when you’ve found a good partner

We’re importing:

  • FOCONO LED screens
  • IEI ja EALTEC industrial computers
  • KOAMTAC wireless barcode readers
  • PKCELL lithium batteries
  • RFID products

We are also a representative of visma NOVA financial management software.

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From idea to product to production, we will do whatever is necessary for you


Excellent design is the promise of a great product

We make a prototype of the idea all the way to the finished device. We offer our customers the entire production chain from design to manufacturing.

Our designers collaborate seamlessly, combining mechanics, electronics and software.

Product development from start to finish, from idea to product.


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Production in addition to R&D is the most economical and fastest way to start serial production

When production is close to product development, both product and production can be rapidly optimised.

We use high-quality subcontractors in the manufacture of electronics and mechanics and assemble the products into functional units for sale at our production facility. This will also make the price/quality ratio of products affordable.

Thanks to its flexibility, our production is suitable from small series to production batches of up to thousands.

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Even the best idea doesn’t hold if the end result is compromised

Production testing is an important part of the product manufacturing process. In addition to functional testing, we often also carry out condition testing that corresponds to the actual operating conditions.

Product development testing seeks product characteristics to meet the requirements. In this way, innovations become real hand-touched products.

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Technical documentation

We offer technical documentation services and solutions for different stages of the product’s life cycle

It is in the company’s interest to ensure that product documentation is up-to-date and that it also reflects legislative considerations.

Typical documents for products are installation, operation and maintenance instructions. If necessary, we translate the documents into different languages.

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Tieto-Oskari Oy’s new website

On December 11, 2020, we released a fully updated website for our company. We will translate the site into English and Russian as soon as possible, so be patient.

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Trysil RMM Oy aloitti tuotannon Kajaanissa (EN)

Tieto-Oskari Oy on sopinut tiemerkinnän ohjauslaitteiden toimituksista Kajaanilaiselle Trysil RMM (Road Marking Machines) Oy:lle. Sopimus koskee myös sen norjalaista Trysil Maskin AS yhtiötä, joka on Kajaanilaisen yhtiön yksi omistajista.

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